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McNeil Equine's At Home Horse School 

During this difficult time where many of us are at home and away from the horses and the barn, we will be offering weekly lessons to encourage our riders to continue their learning about all things horses!

  • This at home learning will be an 8 week program with lessons emailed out weekly.

  • We encourage the kids to submit any projects suggested in the lessons. Nothing is graded but we will enter submissions in various draws to win free McNeil Equine swag! 

  • Lesson topics will include topics such as horse care, anatomy, behaviour, riding tips and theory. We will tailor the learning the best we can to the age groups that register. 

  • Lessons will be emailed out complete with educational material, activities and projects. 

  • Included in this program is 1 extra lesson added to the next riding session.

  • Registration is done via the below form and an etransfer of $150 to Jess at

Horse School Poster.jpg

This is a challenging time for all of us. I know many of our riders were greatly looking forward to the spring session starting, as was I! I hope that with this program I can engage our riders in a new and meaningful way that promotes everything we do at McNeil Equine. I greatly appreciate everyone's support for our business over the last (almost) 3 years! This year will truly be challenging but I look forward to seeing you all again - SOON! - Jess

At Home Horse School
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